Wednesday, 17 December 2014

HOW TO: Survive high school

1. You don't

Nah, but really it's so hard to be okay through the high school. There is so many things we have to stay cool about and it's usually impossible to be happy about ourselves. We have to look nice so other people like us and we are not attacked by bullies. We have to say things that other people would like to hear so we  don't look like freaks. We have to or we are at least supposed to learn so we are not dumb and we have "the paper" and also lot of time we have to find work to help our families.

So many  responsibilities for one young body.

So I decided to give you some of my tips on how to survive high school without being taken to psychiatric hospital in the end (although there is great chance that your classmates will do everything to see you there)

1. Be yourself (oh god, I don't believe what I just said. I'm such a cliché.) But no really. Be yourself. Be confident about your body, your clothes, your voice. Be confident about who you are. Because it's the most important thing. You're the only person who si going to stay in your body for you whole sucky life. Which takes me to point number 

2. Say things which you won't be ashamed next second you said them. Like really, I'm not talking about that when you say some bad answer to teacher's question . I'm talking about things you might say to your classmates. I sometimes wonder how some people can say some stupid things but also the way they're taking in (they swear in every sentence). So watch your language and also be aware of the fact that your words can hurt someone.

3. Don't be lazy (said by someone who lies all the free time in the bed) but yeah. It's important to have some system in things you're learning and working on. It's really important to don't left everything on the last term and also try to learn every day a bit.

4. And probably the most important PLEASE don't gossip and mock.

So these are my tips on how to survive high school. Tell me some of yours and also tell me your opinion in the comments bellow!

PS: This is the first time I wrote article in English so when there are some mistakes please tell me in the comments as well! I´m not native speaker but I´ll try my best.


(sounds like soldier or prisoner name, I have to work on that name thing)

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