Friday, 19 December 2014

Winter time

I know there is something lovely about this season. But now I can´t think of what it is. Maybe in the end of this article I´m going to be smarter.

When I was little... I used to..

I'd like to tell you cool story about me as a kid in winter but I don't seem to have one.

Or maybe? I probably remembered something if it's not one of those memories you think is true but it really is not. But this one is not one of those I think. Because I remember my mom telling me this story.

So...It was 23rd of December 2002(?) and I was so excited about the next day. Christmas. Maybe I did it from all the excitement or maybe I was freak form the begging but I ate whole raw onion. Just like that.
And yes. That´s the story. I´m sorry if you expected story about how I was kidnap by U.F.O. Maybe next time.

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My winter starts when I watch Home Alone and it ends when we celebrate all feasts we have during December and January.

And you know what I love about winter time? Watching Love Actually with my whole family. That´s movie is so so so amazing! And in the end we all wipe our tears and then we cry some more. (SPOILER ALERT: It´s quite a sad movie)

Tell me your winter/Christmas story in the comments! What´s your favorite Christmas movie? And what´s your favorite Christmas song?

I wish you all the best,


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